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Monday, April 26, 2010

My advice to Labour

Gordon, I have been beastly to you in my blog posts, but I sort of like you really. I can't forgive you though for supporting the degenerate militaristic crap that passes for international politics. Why don't you get real yourself? Yes to defence, no to aggression. 

1. Give us a target date for withdrawal from Afghanistan
2. Appoint David Miliband as your deputy leader designate.
3. More Yvette Cooper, less Harriet Harmon (zero would be good). 

Yvette Cooper and David Milliband are your two best people. We need to work with the Liberals (forget the stupid "Liberal Democrat" tautologous gang of four baloney, what else would they be - Liberal Tyrants?). Give clear guidance to us voters as to which way we need to vote, constituency by constituency in the context of the possible outcomes, to keep out the Tories, which outranks all else in importance for the good of the country.

Feargal Mooney

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