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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hospital bus stop closed. Nobody working on roadworks.

Charing Cross hospital bus stop closed, Fulham Palace Road 
I happened to pass by here for the second day in a row and the bus stop is still closed and there is still nobody working on the hole in the ground, where some pipes are exposed. Did they think it was okay to close the bus stop for the hospital and leave it with no one working on the problem? How long has it been like this, and how long before somebody comes and finishes the work?

Meanwhile outpatients are taken to the next bus stop and have to make their way back to the hospital entrance. Today the pedestrian walk around was flooded up to about three inches and the ramp was out of position at one end. I understand that work has to be done on the pipes or whatever, but I don't understand why no one is working on it, and meanwhile the bus stop for the hospital is closed. Who is responsible? What is their answer? Hammersmith and Fulham Council?


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sculpture by Henry Moore

At Charing Cross hospital
This is a model for the full sized version of the same thing, outside the Rockefeller "Center" in New York. There's a plaque with all the details. [Unfortunately not in this post! Ed.]

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Moby-Dick, unabridged

Moby-Dick Unabridged
presented by The Special Relationship and The Southbank Centre

1-4 October. Follow the link above for details.

Moby Dick p510 illustration"Over four days, hear the unabridged Moby-Dick by Herman Melville being read aloud.

The epic Romantic work is being performed by actors, writers, members of the public, comedians – and Herman Melville’s great-great-great-granddaughter.

This live reading also includes newly commissioned work from illustrators, artists and musicians – expect surprising contributions every day."

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Windows 10 update experience

Microsoft Windows 10 free update. Yeah. It told me in its cheery way that my Dell Optiplex 330 system with Windows 7 Pro and all my apps and devices were fully compatible and assured me we were "good to go" and there were no issues.

However, immediately after the upgrade three very important little things didn't work: Wi-Fi adapter, wireless keyboard driver and monitor driver. That's right, screen, keyboard and internet. The only thing that worked was the wireless mouse. And that was only because it was a recent replacement one that came with the keyboard. If that hadn't worked I would not be typing this now.

If the thing that connects you to the internet, in my case a USB wi-fi gizmo, doesn't work after the upgrade, it's not much good it trying to look for updated drivers - because it can't connect. If it had only been the keyboard I would have found a way around it, but the wif-fi adapter was the killer. The messages I got from "Troubleshooting" were:

Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 USB adapter driver has a problem
D-Link micro USB driver has a problem
Video controller has a problem. (The display was wonky).

I found my way through "Troubleshooting" to "Return to Windows 7 (available for one month only)". At one point it asked me to describe the problem but I couldn't type anything - wireless keyboard, remember? After several hours my system is back to how it started, i.e. working fine.

I won't be signing up for the free upgrade again. You might be lucky but I wasn't.

Simon Moribund