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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Grove Farm view

Grove Farm local nature reserve, Ealing. View from steps at the southeast corner, Easter Sunday 2024


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Two billboards outside Greenford

Corner of Cavendish Avenue and Greenford Road, Harrow

Two billboards on a gable wall. The top one from The Woodland Trust, advertises "Feeling crisis-y about the climate? Plant more trees". The one underneath at street level is a palimpsest of bits of old posters stripped away. Setting, corner of high street, people about 1pm, shops, a car, shadow of chimney pots from opposite building behind viewpoint. (Photo 24 March 2024)

Monday, March 11, 2024

Three poems from Day of the Flying Leaves (audio)

Bookmovie from Fonoteca de Poesia - Stephen Moran

  1. The Hunter-Gatherer Children of Dublin
  2. Eleven Homes
  3. Visiting Molly
The text is displayed smoothly to look like book pages turning. My reading, I don't know, not too bad. I'm grateful to Fonotexa de Poesia for this, which I consider an honour. (Steve)

Sunday, March 03, 2024

Short Story of the Month, March 2024

I love a story where you have to ask yourself "What is happening here?" And by the end you think you might know. (Ed.)

The Willesden Herald Story of the Month 

March 2024: Outlaws by Neil Brosnan

It’s bizarre; four women travelling together and not a single word being exchanged between us. It’s not as if we’re not all acquainted: his sister is driving, my sister is the front-seat passenger, and the driver’s daughter is sitting beside me in the back – doing something on her iPhone.

Neil Brosnan
From Listowel, Ireland, Neil Brosnan’s stories have appeared in both print and digital magazines and anthologies in Ireland, Britain, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. A Pushcart nominee, he has won The Bryan MacMahon, The Maurice Walsh, and Ireland’s Own short story awards, and has published two short story collections.