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Friday, May 14, 2021

Monday, May 03, 2021

From The Yard to Tiffty's Tavern and from Maher's to Moloney's

A signwriter changing the name of this pub in North Greenford from "The Yard" to "Tiffty's Tavern" 

The font and colours suggest "an Irish pub." There are Irish pubs all over the world, and if the Irish state had marketing rights, it could probably live on the proceeds. But like the Murphy's, we're not bitter. My California/Filipino air steward friend says wherever they stopover, she always looks for the Irish pub. From Kuala Lumpur to Montevideo, from Cape Town to Anchorage, Alaska [You just made that bit up, didn't you? Ed.], you'll see the Gaelic font and assorted bicycles, mirror adverts etc and find a cold pint of the Dublin ambrosia awaits you, though it might have been brewed in Nigeria. So wherever you may be, "Sláinte Mhaith!"

The result. Tiffty's Tavern

And before it became "The Yard" it was "Gerry Mac's".

So, what gives? Is there really someone called "Tiffty" and was there someone called "Gerry Mac"? It seems unlikely. Further down Greenford Road, the same sort of name-changing has been happening with what was Ryans Bar, which then became Tommy Maher's Irish Bar and lately Moloney's Bar.

A photo of "Tommy Maher's Irish Bar", which used to be "Ryans" and more recently "Moloney's Bar"

According to, Moloney's Bar was previously named Dugout Sports Bar, Ryan's, Maher's Irish Bar, West Bar, Old Bull and Captain Morgan's.

Harry Lemon