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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carys Davies' page on Amazon

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"From the moment I arrived, they loved me. They loved my funny accent, the way I had ketchup with everything. They loved my black socks and my brown sandals; they loved my flesh-coloured money-belt, my grey wheeled suitcase with its retractable handle. Most of all though, they loved the way I sweated in the heat, the way the hot sun made the pale dome of my head glow like a light-bulb. They loved the sight of it, and when they touched it, it brought a smile to all their faces.

"Within a week the mayor had installed me in an apartment on the top floor of his mansion and employed an extra cook and a housekeeper to look after me; queues formed every morning at first light outside the mansion’s tall iron gates, and throughout the day the townspeople came to touch my head."

From "Precious" by Carys Davies in New Short Stories 4. Amazon says there are "five copies in stock and more on the way". Link

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