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...another rather eccentric and marginal artistic project, the Willesden Herald blog. A community blog written by the people of the London borough of Willesden
- Roundtable Review, Pretence or Genius

A group blog from the streets of Willesden, London
- Guardian Unlimited, Weblogs we like

I just left a comment about your Willesden sunsets and then realised you might never find it. Anyway, the essence was; great website ...
- Zadie Smith (Inbox)

The touching story of Kenny the canary is a treasure.
- Jane Perrone, The Guardian, (Inbox)

Despite your outrageous heightism, I would be very happy to take up your case with the Council...
- The Rt. Hon. Sarah Teather MP, Brent East (Inbox)

As you know yourself, the quest for form - the search for the voice and scale necessary to what one wishes to say - is the primary effort of writing. This may lead one into novel writing at one point, and into the writing of sonnets later on - rather as Beethoven confined himself almost exclusively to the string quartet after finishing the Op 125 symphony.
- Rana Dasgupta (Inbox)

We have asked our columnists time and again only to post stories that are not not untrue, but frankly it would be easier to train monkeys. Please tell us if we have inadvertently hit on something not not true, and we will uncorrect it.
- Disclaimer (Edmondo Redmond O'Woodward)