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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The thoughts of Red Woodward

A selection of "spokes", as he would probably call them, uttered by our legendary proprietor Eddie "Red" Woodward and shared among staff of the Willy in a long-running in-house email discussion.

1. Never trust anybody honest.

2. This everybody dying malarkey has got beyond a joke.

3. What a person says a lot about says a lot about a person.

4. Minimalism is the biggest load of crap ever.

5. There's no such thing as waiting. You are either doing something useful or you are doing something useless.

6. Meditation? It's a racket.

7. You can put me in a box when I pop my clogs but not before.

8. Evidently I'm past my sell by-date but not my use-by date.

9. In life, you either do something and feel guilty about it, or do nothing and feel guilty about it. There is no in-between.

10. You can't put everything right in the fourth act of a three-act play.

11. The only review worth a damn is written on a cheque.

12. We're not about to go bang.

Feargal Mooney


Ossian said...

Didn't he also say "In life you get what you receive"?

Malachy said...

He said a lot of things. One I found in the back pages was "For some unknown reason, God required lots of shit. So he created self-replicating shit factories."

Mrs H said...

Can you blame him for being a bit odd. I mean who names a child Edmund Redmond? No wonder he's barmy.

Red said...

Do you mnid? I can raed you know. I'm not completely gang.