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Friday, October 28, 2022

Another walk in Grove Farm (26/10/2022)

Update: Originally a series of tweets with four photos each. The photos also had ALT text with more narrative. However since that troll Musk destroyed that forum, I had to escape. What follows are the raw photos. (Ed.)

A walk through Grove Farm from Sudbury Hill entrance (not listed online) to Whitton Avenue West, 26/10/2022. Grove Farm is designated by Ealing Council, which owns and maintains it, officially as a "Special Nature Reserve". Ref:,_Ealing

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

About London's bluecoat schools and statues

A fascinating history and photo gallery about the many London bluecoat schools, the first of which was Christchurch Hospital, setup in the City of London by Henry VI in 1552.

Sunday, October 02, 2022

A walk in Grove Farm local nature reserve

I got some nice pictures in Grove Farm, an official local nature reserve today. I'm usually too cowardly to walk there on my own. I don't want to get mugged. But you know, life is for living and and all that bally rot. Shared foxy earlier. One might do for a poem, perhaps. Did you see the fox? Ever feel like you're being watched? 

Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails professional nail care, Greenford Road, north Greenford, Oct 2022


Horsenden Lane Farm Festival sign

"Horsenden Lane Farm Festival Event Open 1st October As Usual" road sign on a suburban footpath near the junction of Ennismore Avenue and Horsenden Lane North.

Our strapline used to be "yesterday's news tomorrow", so in keeping with that: how did it go? 

Other straplines of the past: the perplexing "tomorrow's news yesterday"; the JLP-style but oddly off-putting "never knowingly scooped"; "since 1894" - there was a newspaper with the same name about then; the unlikely hilarious "pray for the repose of the soul of Colin Di Limonade" etc. etc.