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Monday, September 28, 2020

Fire at the Lexi Cinema

28 September 2020: Bad news, northwest London's own Lexi Cinema is closed due to a fire that happened overnight in the foyer.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Blitz, 80 years on: Bombing of South Hallsville School

 "The little-known tragedy of a wartime bomb that never exploded—yet had a “ripple affect” causing 600 deaths in an east London school—is being uncovered by BBC investigators." (East London Advertiser)

Families were sheltering in the school building after being evacuated from their homes due to an unexploded bomb on the first day of the London blitz. But the school took a direct hit the following day causing far more casualties than were announced at the time.

London figs

All these figs were grown this year in a south-facing walled corner in Harrow. The biggest ones were picked in July but the recent Indian summer spell has produced another crop. They bleed a white latex-like sap when plucked.

This plump one today, September 24

Picked on September 20

September 18

September 16

September 12

Some from July 19th

Split fig on a sideplate, July 19