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Friday, March 28, 2014

Where is everyone?

I think they've all buggered off to our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (Radio Shh) pages*. It's just so much easier to post things there, mainly because they can all be posted simultaneously from Spotify to share music and in the same way all simultaneously from Spreaker for podcasts and so on. It is also very easy to share thoughts on items found around the web because most things have buttons you can click to share very quickly, albeit not simultaneously. On the other hand Blogger is laborious and does not automatically play linked items without having to use html, nor does it enable simultaneous posting to other social media. Lastly, most people are on Facebook and Twitter all day, it seems and not so many looking at Blogger.

Simon Moribund

* We're back, the prodigal bloggers. (May 2014)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Save Kensal Rise Library! | Agreement to be signed

This just in:

March Update - Agreement to be signed.

Hi Everyone,

At a Trustees’ meeting of the Friends of Kensal Rise Library, on Thursday 20th March, it was agreed to sign an agreement, in good faith, with both All Souls College, Oxford, and Andrew Gillick of Kensal Properties Ltd.

The agreement means that we will publicly support the D1 aspect of the proposed development of the library building: namely, the provision of the D1 space.

In return, we trust the agreement will ensure that we, as the named preferred tenants of both the College and the developer, will be the operators of a community library in the space.

This is the fourth year of the campaign to Save Kensal Rise Library. Our intention has always been to make sure there is a library in the Kensal Rise Library Building. In this, we have had the support of the community - and beyond.

We have greatly valued and respected this support over the years; we now ask that the community continues to maintain its faith and trust in FKRL.

For, having seriously considered alternatives, we have not taken lightly the decision to enter into the agreement.

However, we think it is the best chance we have of ensuring that a library continues to function in the building for the community of Kensal Rise and Kensal Green.

The Save Kensal Rise Library campaign will continue until this objective is achieved.

Margaret Bailey

Save Kensal Rise Library! | Campaign to Save Kensal Rise Library

Tommy Maher's Irish bar

Greenford Road

Welcome in, have a skinful 
Gunga Din, it's not sinful. 
Take a drink and only think
That Jesus Christ's own advice
Was get more in, partying
With James & John, dusk till dawn
At Tommy Maher's Irish bar.

Stephen Moran

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Harrow is part of Willesden, y'know

St John's Road, Harrow

Even though we have moved HQ to Sudbury Hill, Harrow, we still can be called The Willesden Herald as this photo proves. It's a picture of St John the Baptist church, Harrow and on the sign outside it says "Diocese of London, Willesden Area". So there.

It's a miracle.

The open sandwich men of Sudbury Hill


Encounters at BAR GalleryChas

"Nine Heads" - Jean-Luc Almond

"Chas" - Joel Whybrew 

Ink Encounter - Sally Buchanan
recycled linen thread

From the recent Encounters exhibition at Brent Artists Resource gallery, Walm Lane, Willesden

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Reheating Tea


My forehead is a touch screen.
I take the edge and thumb-swipe time
forward, while regrets blur into pain.
One swipe and 30 seconds die
not with a bang but with a ping
on the microwave.


I have heard the burst of bombs
left by terrorist platelets,
sound travelling from the crater of a synapse
banging anvils onto hammers in my ear,
projecting dragons out through closed eyes,
and counted myself lucky


In spring an old man's fancy
likely turns to thoughts of wonder.
I open the blinds to let sunlight
blind me and send its flying vitamins
to anaesthetise lesions, and waken
hibernating hope cells with a splash
like witch hazel.


Shell is too strong a word
for this bubble, reflecting day's glare.
When you've floated around the sun
a few times, landed somewhere -
called it home and held in
the breath you were given. I wish
I had a shell.


-- Stephen Moran