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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Grove Farm - smart new sign

The new information board for Grove Farm at the Whitton Avenue West entrance

The old signboard. Some helpful person added pointers for "Harrow 2 miles and Wembley 2 miles".

The Willesden Herald has mentioned before that groups of men hanging around or sometimes standing in groups among the trees and drinking, near the Greenford Road entrance are not conducive to more community use of this wonderful nature reserve. A lone woman was murdered there a few years ago. Not sure what more can be done about that, as a "no drinking zone" has been tried but doesn't seem to have made much difference. If you walk in from Greenford Road on the path to the David Lloyd sports centre, you will see mountains of beer cans and bottles piled in ditches and under bridging parts of the road. There is a small stream that runs down by the old IBM/Kellogg Tower, which has now been redeveloped into flats. Further development is planned in an adjacent site but Grove Farm is not set to be affected. It's a site of special interest for rare trees and plants. Of its nature, it must remain wooded with hills and obscure paths. So best suggestion, a permanent warden service, someone uniformed and tasked with keeping a watchful eye and combatting litter etc. No, we can't afford a warden because we're so modern and sophisticated, so rich? Question to Ealing Council. (Ed.)

Sunday, June 05, 2022

Hawthorn down, South Vale


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Another great Spitalfields Life feature

Charles Dickens in Shadwell & Limehouse. Superb photo essay with supporting quotes in the redoubtable Spitalfields Life. A must for devotees of Charles Dickens and old London, as indeed is the whole journal.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

It's polling day in the local elections (May 5 2022)

It's a nice day in London for kicking the Tories out of office.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Long time, no shops

Launderama - Laundry, Dry Cleaners, Alterations

Maya Pub

"Lobsters Fish Bar" Fish & Chips

Random shops from the marvellous Shaftesbury Circle, Harrow, a wonderful shopping parade. The circle's architecture is wonderful and deserves its own dedicated report by someone far better at this than me. (Ed.)

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Jarred McGinnis to judge Willesden Short Story Competition 2022

Jarred McGinnis

We are pleased and excited to announce that novelist and short story writer Jarred McGinnis has agreed to judge the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition 2022. An American abroad, his debut novel The Coward (Canongate, 2021) was a BBC Radio 2 Book Club recommendation. It is also about to be published in the US as well as France, Italy and Spain later this year. He has many strings to his bow, including short fiction for BBC Radio 4 and much more besides, which you can read all about on his website. He is no stranger to our competition, having had a short story in New Short Stories 4. [Ed.]

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Call for Submissions: New Short Stories 12

Willesden Herald short story competition 2022

We’re back with a competition for inclusion in Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 12. Open to international entries. Closing date will be August 31, 2022. Entry fee £5. There are ten prizes, as follows:

  • 1st prize: £300 + one-off inscribed Willesden Herald mug
  • 2nd: £200
  • 3rd: £100
  • 7 x £50
  • Plus you get a copy of the anthology when it’s published.

Judge: Jarred McGinnis (updated 20 Feb. 2022)

Please visit our page for full details and to Submit

The Obscure Object of Desire (inscribed mug)

Photo: One-off Willesden Herald mug inscribed "Willesden Short Story Prize"

Listed at Duotrope

Saturday, February 05, 2022

Wood End Library and Children's Centre demolished (photos)

Update 8 Feb 2022, the scene today



Whitton Avenue West

According to this website presentation, Ealing Council's proposed plan for the site includes a block of 11 new "affordable homes" and a community library.

"View of the current, emerging proposal" (from the linked site above)

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Short Story of the Month, February 2022

Greetings to our friends in Ukraine and also in Russia. Here's a wish that your differences may be settled by diplomacy and not more war. I have to say something constructive when I'm about to share with you a short story in which a young woman asks, "Have the Russians won everything yet?" Ed.
The Willesden Herald Short Story of the Month

February 2022: Triple Axel by Yelena Furman

"In the Soviet Union, with its ritual of daily obstacles and anti-Semitism, the U.S. had seemed a haven, a far-away hope of her life’s opposite. She was young when the exodus of Jewish refugees, as they were officially called, started in the 1970s, mostly to North America and Israel. Suddenly, everyone knew someone, or was someone, who was leaving. Her mother’s coworker. Her father’s cousin. The girl who sat behind her in school."

Yelena Furman
Yelena Furman lives in Los Angeles, where she teaches Russian literature. Her fiction has previously appeared in Narrative.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Short Story of the Month, January 2022

"He took a deep breath and punched the picture of the chocolate cupcake..." I mean you have to read a story that has that in it, don't you? Ed
The Willesden Herald Short Story of the Month

January 2022: Boardwalk Oracle by M. E. Proctor

“...Even in the fading light of the day that concealed the worst scars of decrepitude, the seediness of the place could not be ignored. Many shops were boarded up and metal curtains were down on those that weren’t. The coin-operated machines were battered, nicked and banged metal, flaked-off paint. Relics from the early age of automation..."

M. E. Proctor

M.E. Proctor lives in Livingston, Texas. After forays into SF (The Savage Crown Series), she’s working on a series of contemporary detective novels. Her short stories have been published in Bristol Noir, The Bookends Review, Beat to a Pulp, All Worlds Wayfarer, Shotgun Honey and others. On Twitter: @MEProctor3

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Another useless cartoon


(probably been done before?)

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Call for Submissions: New Short Stories 12

Willesden Herald short story competition 2022 We’re back with a competition for inclusion in Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 12. Open to...