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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Picket line

The Herald journalists are on strike. Do not cross this line. This means you Ed.

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no scabs!

I once went to a big hot sweaty union march in support of what was one of the longest-running journalists' strikes...they'd been going over 2 years at that point, I think. Are you going to try and beat their record? Is this a stand against the evil management? Pay issues? Censorship problems?


Post by : alura ( / )


the internationale unites the human race.

i have rent to pay though. does mystic mavis have any idea when this strike will be over? i don't think that amanda saxonheart's whinge about the toilet seat being backsplashed by Doctor Francis is enough to down tools (no pun intended) over.

To the Finland Station! (not)

Post by : rocky rollins ( / showbiz editor - willesden herald )


We are NOT on strike. We have been blocked from publishing our newspapers by malicious hackers. NOTE: they do not speak on the Herald's behalf. We have secreted our behalf where they cannot go to speak on it.

Post by : Ed ( / )


You may not be on the strike but all of the ladies most definitely are. As a medical man Dr Francis should be aware of the implications of sitting on a soiled lavatory seat when one has a short urethra. I'm sorry. I refuse to go into more detail on these pages. If you unlock your office I would be pleased to spell it out.

Post by : amanda saxonheart ( / media editor )


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