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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

"The New Kissalossus"

A few days ago The Herald published a snippet of a poem written by our very own Showbiz Editor, Rocky Rollins. We received this letter as a result and we are happy to accede to Marganita's request.

Dear Willesden Herald

I am doing a Year 12 project on the poetry of Rockwell Rollins at the American School in Holland Park and on the Number 260 bus from Shepherds Bush to Golders Green I found an issue of your newspaper which contained part of his poem Your Huddled Kisses, Yearning To Kiss Good (The New Kissalossus). The poem is learnt by all American girls travelling in Europe. I wonder if it would be possible for The Herald to print the full version.

I never dreamed that Mr Rollins would now be a showbiz editor on an international news digest.

Yours in Americanhood
Marganita Ben Sherman

P.S The statue is very lovely.


The New Kissalossus (Your Huddled Kisses, Yearning To Kiss Good)

(after Emma Lazarus)

Not like the lovemaking of Greek fame
(Ouch) with stretched limbs astride me from thigh to thigh;
Here amid priapic secretions that smell of the sea is the cry
Of American women who yearn to be lit by a good kisser's flame
In the imprisonment of arms; and her name...
Mother of Kiss-Seekers.  From her red-lipped mouth
Glows welcome; her hot eyes command in London, north and south,
The passion that twin conjoined lips should frame:
"Keep, British boys, your slack lipped kiss!" cries she
With silent lips.  "Give me your hot, your dry,
Your cuddled kisses, I'm yearning to be kissed good, it's free.
Not your wretched slobber, I can take no more, don't try.
Send me your kissers, your good kissers, send these kissers,
lip-glossed, to me. I lift my arms beneath the golden tree.

Rockwell (Rocky) Rollins

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