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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Deadline Tuesday 26 November: Register before midnight

If you're in Willesden, your constituency is probably either Hampstead & Kilburn or Brent Central. Click the link to Register.
Hampstead & Kilburn is one of the most marginal constituencies in the country, at one time the most marginal, when Glenda Jackson won by just 42 votes. We don't like to mention it but the Willesden Herald did campaign for Glenda. In tabloid-speak, it was the Willy wot won it. (Or it might have been the opposite effect, almost causing a loss, but don't think about that.) At present, the seat is held by the redoubtable Tulip Siddiq, and she needs every vote to help defeat the catastrophic Tory B-team.

In Brent Central, Labour's Dawn Butler has been a good representative and let's keep her in place as well.

But you can't vote if you're not registered and you have up until 11:59 pm today (Tuesday 26 November) to register at your present address. If you're Irish (hello Kilburn!), UK or commonwealth citizen with a permanent UK address, you can register. Click the link:

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