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Monday, June 18, 2012

No more library, no more bookshop

End of the road*. Everything half price to clear at the Willeseden Bookshop. Great stock of classics, biography, history, gardening, poetry, fiction, art. Children's books are their speciality (1/3 of the shop).

Six libraries out of twelve closed, the library centre to be demolished, Dollis Hill house demolished. The barbarians have entered the citadel. Thanks to the ToryLibDem government and local Labour collaborators. And now no more Willesden Bookshop!

But fear not, you're getting a square office block and five blocks of five storey flats. Who needs open space, who needs study space, who needs books, cinemas, cafés, museums, theatres, meeting rooms - not your local Labour councillors. All they need is money.


* Update: The bookshop management is not giving up. The purpose of the present stock reduction is to be able to move at one week's notice because from end of July that is what they will be on from then. They are still looking for a new home but the short term lets offered to date are not good what is required. More permanence is needed.

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