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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Library Lab - great!

"In partnership with Brent Council, Architecture 00:/ set up the new Library Lab in the Willesden Green Library Centre. The Library Lab will be open from February to August 2012, offering free workshops, lectures, a pop-up co-working space aimed at accelerating local entrepreneurship in the Brent community, and a free creche aimed at supporting working parents.

"To find out more about The Library Lab, visit

"The video was made in partnership with CODOC, an award-winning documentary company dedicated to creating spaces for critical thought through media. CODOC are also based out of the co-working space at the Library Lab.

"The Library Lab was delivered by Architecture 00:/ in partnership with Work Free / Think Future Ltd. and with support from Brent Council, The Outer London Fund, and the Greater London Authority."

What a terrific advert for our magnificent Willesden Library Centre. You will hardly believe that this is scheduled for demolition and replacement with a council office block. Not to mention the "locally listed" Victorian library building in front of it.

What are we dealing with here? Culturecide, nothing less. The police station nearby is also to be sold off. The post office clings on after several threats. What is the point of life, housing, not to mention taxes, if there is nothing around but an urban desert? Can nobody save us from the barbarians of Brent borough council?


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