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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Willesden Green campaigners get organised

WEMBLEY MATTERS has a list of topics to be discussed concerning the redevelopment of Willesden Green library centre, demolition of the listed 19th century old library etc. Details of some of the issues involved can be found on the Keep Willesden Green website LINK.


 Please join us to discuss the development of the
and the impact the proposals may have on Willesden Green
FEBRUARY 16TH 2012 7pm
KINGS HALL, 155 Harlesden Road, Willesden Green, NW10 2BS 

You can use Brent's "ePetition" system to support the retention of the bookshop and or to save the old library building. The original old library is a quirky, small, turreted building, currently housing an Irish community advisory service. The high road is a 19th century and partly older setting. The Spotted Dog development has preserved the facade of that 18th century building. Some of the shops, for example the builders' merchants at the corner of Ellis Close also retain their original facades. Let's keep the distinctive local character. Here is a Google Streetview look at the old library centre:

View Larger Map

If the builders Galliford Try (how did they get the gig by the way?) are wanting to take this away, they are likely to turn the whole site into a horrible, anonymous, dreary, corporate warren. Maybe not, but what are the odds? The space around and about the current library centre is used for quite pleasing travelling markets, the French market appears at intervals and another world market has got going as well. Most architects these days just want to make a box. Oh no correction, more recently they want to created twisted boxes. Local people have different priorities, none of which involve boxes of any kind.

Sceptical but not cynical, the Willesden Herald hopes the new development will be an improvement, as the new sports centre turned out to be many times better than the old one in every way, but "Since the fate of man rests still uncertain, let's reason with the worst that may befall."


Update, Feb: The initial artist's impression of the new development shows, would you believe?, a stupid big set of letters WGCC on the site of the listed old library building. (You can see it in this report.) Can you imagine anything duller of more depressing? I have suggested a fountain, for all the good it's going to do. (Ed)


Anonymous said...

This scheme has brown envelopes fluttering around it. There's been no consultation, there will be a smaller library and a hefty profit for the developers. Councillors should be ashamed of themselves for passing this.

Ossian said...

Compare the way the Tricycle in Kilburn has been run with the way the Willesden centre has been driven into dereliction. There is a clear correlation between the deal to give away the car park and the way the council has run down the centre over the past two years. Somebody is doing very well out of this and it's not the people of Brent.

Ossian said...

What sickens me is there is no mainstream political party left to vote for. The LibDems are disgusting Quislings and rat finks and the Labour council is a fucking disgrace.

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