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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Competition update, January - February 2012

* Update Jan 15th: Yes: 6. Maybe: 23. Remaining: 63.

* Update Jan 31st: Yes: 10. Remaining 0. Watch this space.


I should have a short list to send to the judge by the end of January. I got knocked sideways a bit when my old dog was ill and died before Christmas. All is now back on track. A lot of formalities have to be gone through before the short list can be announced and the short-listed writers contacted. As usual there will then be a gap while the anthology is prepared. The prizewinning entries will be announced at a special event in spring.

There were over 380 entries, not counting a few test ones. You might as well know that I read them in the order received and I have 93 left to read. At present I have four yeses and 15 maybes*. I'm confident that there will be more yeses in the last 93 received. I will re-read the yeses and maybes anyway and reshuffle if need be. That's how it goes.

Still finding great stories and still appreciating every single one I read, all but one or two showing great signs of craftsmanship, ambition and dedication. As we only take one entry per writer, that means there are hundreds of gifted and hardworking writers, mostly working in their spare time to create outstanding new short stories. Thanks for sending them in and entrusting us with them.


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