Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swine flu: UK school trip quarantined in China

Willesden Herald exclusive

Members of a school party from a London school on an educational visit to China have been placed in quarantine after two of the group were "diagnosed with swine flu" on arrival. It is thought that people seated up to eight rows away on the same plane may be quarantined as well. This directly from the school party by SMS. We are not naming the school at this time.


Update Friday 17/7/2009: School trip party from Islington Central Foundation Boys School to Beijing is now being guarded by Chinese police to confine them to a hotel in Beijing. (Willesden Herald)

Update 18/7/2009: Story picked up by nationals and TV. Four UK school parties now quarantined, including girls' school.


rainbow spike said...

my daughter's friend and her friend's schoolmates flew to China on Tuesday. I'm wondering if it's them.

Ossian said...

I assume they've all phoned or texted home and told the parents now, so I can tell you the school trip I know about is from Central Foundation Boys School, east London. Hoping that's some reassurance. They're probably as safe there as here. It's a worry.

Ossian said...

Spike: A party from Parliament Hill girls' school is now one of four quarantined in a hotel in Beijing.