Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swine flu: Chinese confine UK school parties - update

There are now four UK school parties involved as well as one from the US. The first was Central Foundation Boys School and another is from London's Parliament Hill girls' school. A total of four children have been hospitalised.

This story, which first appeared in the Willesden Herald two days ago, has now been picked up by the nationals and is about to be covered by television news channels as as well.

Update 8:40 pm: From a teacher with one of the quarantined school groups: "Another day relaxing. Other groups from USA and UK arriving in hotel. Government has taken control of school campus*."


* This is where they were supposed to be staying. Ed

WH original report: Swine flu: UK school trip quarantined in China


rainbow spike said...

our little friend is with the PH group. we've texted but no reply so far.

rainbow spike said...

(thanks for the update, by the way)

Ossian said...

the kids in the hotel are having a ball. it's "a teenage party" atmosphere. i hope your friend's child hasn't got the flu, but hopefully even those with the flu will be fine. the hospitals are competent there.

rainbow spike said...

cheers Os, yes not quite the trip they expected but an experience all the same. hopefully all will be well for all of them.