Friday, July 17, 2009

Swine flu: Chinese police confine London school trip

An update to our exclusive report yesterday

The school party from Central Foundation Boys' School, Islington, is being confined to a hotel in Beijing. Two of the children who appeared to have symptoms were tested by Chinese officials on arrival at the airport and allegedly diagnosed with swine flu. The latest is that they are now being guarded by police to enforce the quarantine. They are not confined to their rooms but cannot leave the hotel. They have some recreational facilities there, such as basketball. It is not known how long they are to be kept there or whether they will be allowed to continue their educational tour after a number of days. People within eight rows of seats from the same flight are also being quarantined.(Willesden Herald)


Saturday 18/7/2009: The Guardian has now picked up this story and is saying four out of a party of 52 have been diagnosed with swine flu but they do not mention the school. (Link)

Update 18/7/2009: Story picked up by nationals and TV. Four UK school parties now quarantined, including girls' school.

Our scoop has resulted in absolutely no increase in visitors to the blog so we must continue to survive on earnings from Google Ads, currently standing at about £18 since introduced about four months (?) ago. When it hits £60 (anticipated within the next decade so) we will get a payout and probably put it straight on a nag in the 2:30 at Sandown. But there must be about a tenner due from Amazon as well - must check. Ed

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