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Friday, January 07, 2022

Short Story of the Month, January 2022

"He took a deep breath and punched the picture of the chocolate cupcake..." I mean you have to read a story that has that in it, don't you? Ed
The Willesden Herald Short Story of the Month

January 2022: Boardwalk Oracle by M. E. Proctor

“...Even in the fading light of the day that concealed the worst scars of decrepitude, the seediness of the place could not be ignored. Many shops were boarded up and metal curtains were down on those that weren’t. The coin-operated machines were battered, nicked and banged metal, flaked-off paint. Relics from the early age of automation..."

M. E. Proctor

M.E. Proctor lives in Livingston, Texas. After forays into SF (The Savage Crown Series), she’s working on a series of contemporary detective novels. Her short stories have been published in Bristol Noir, The Bookends Review, Beat to a Pulp, All Worlds Wayfarer, Shotgun Honey and others. On Twitter: @MEProctor3

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