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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Day of the Flying Leaves (Selected Poems) by Stephen Moran

Cover image: Bridleway, Harrow on the Hill by the author

“Like everyone, I go around imagining things, trying to identify what I see and hear and conserving memories. My poems are thoughts portrayed in words, in the belief that sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures.” (Stephen Moran)

Day of the Flying Leaves (Selected Poems) by Stephen Moran, Amazon KDP, 2021

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Red Woodward said...

Look at the above, Feargal. Now tell me how it is that our trainee reporter manages to write books in his spare time? I'm going to make some unannounced visits, let me tell you, between race meetings. I've had it up to here with skivers. Don't mention this online, I'm only posting it to the blog email address, not for the whole world. Red.

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