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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Daunting new security fence on Wood End Road

The new fence runs north from the railway bridge

Fence perhaps 100 metres?
The new fence is about 100 metres long

Spiked fence top
Scary anti-climb spike wheels

Fence starting from railway bridge
A small, abandoned (?) caravan behind a gap
subsequently blocked with four huge concrete cubes

That's one seriously mean fence! It would be interesting to hear from anyone who knows what moved Harrow council or whoever (TfL?) to erect it. It's a pity that the parkland and woodland around Sudbury Hill is not open to the public, as it is owned and used exclusively on three sides by the Post Office union sports club, John Lyons School and Harrow Cricket Club. However, we do have access to Grove Farm, and part of the Capital Ring, both nearby and a little further up Greenford Road (hiking boots on) to Horsenden Hill. "Mustn't grumble!?"

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