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Sunday, February 03, 2019

A walk through Grove Farm, North Greenford

"The road not taken" (took the right hand one, left goes west)

The not very narrow path to the not very deep north

Not much of a path here. Go up left towards exit or right to follow the stream. 

View towards the landmark Kellogg Tower (now flats) across the stream

Should have gone that way

Okay, we're down here, let's keep going, fool!

A local nature reserve, with wild service trees etc* but don't know what these ones are.

Across the stream to the back of the Kellogg Tower office-to-flat conversions

You can just about see the stream in this. Anyone know its name, if any?

Uh oh. Heading for a dead end, only some four-legged tracks here.

Had to turn back and up to the plateau behind the David Lloyd sports centre

Found a way out. "Thank you for visiting Ealing parks". Pleasure.

The David Lloyd sports centre road. That's Sudbury Hill station on the left.
This walk started from the entrance between houses on Whitton Avenue West and ended at the side road that leads from Greenford Road to the David Lloyd sports centre.

* Grove Farm is an 8 hectare Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in Greenford in the London Borough of Ealing. It was declared an LNR in 2002 by Ealing Council, which owns and manages the site.

The site has ancient woodland, and woodland flower species, while trees include the wild service tree. Plant species include welted thistle, hairy violet, pepper saxifrage and adders tongue fern.

There is a circular path, and there is access from Whitton Avenue West, Dimmock Drive and Lilian Board Way. (Source:,_Ealing)

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