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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Competition update

Testing 12 and 12 are 24. Looks like I'm on my own here. So I'm using AudioBlagger because I can't type. I'm one of the old school. Not that one, the one before. Who can't type. You'll be wanting to know what's happening with the results and our fairweather friends have seen fit to leave me here with no backup. I'm trying to get hold of Fred to put up the black smoke/white smoke chimney but he's not answering his phone. So I'll just tell you that the ten short-listed stories have been selected and we will let you know which they are as soon as possible. There are a few formalities to complete. In the meantime if anyone really needs to know whether their story is among the ten, you can send in a message via Submittable and we can say yes or no. Don't all do it, for God's sake. There are nearly 400. So there you go. Feargal, I'm not best pleased. Good work you writers, as usual. Nifty lot of stories there, I see. Cheers.


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