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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wildflowers of Willesden streets and gardens

Update: Wild Geum* (Suggested by A. Sherlock)
Type of nettle? Back garden, 29 May 2012

Wall lettuce? Path by the sports centre. 27/5/2012

Dandelions on 27 April 2012 near the sports centre

Unknown yellow five-petalled flower with russet leaves.*
The flowers close up tiny at night. The leaves are like shamrock.
Sweet Alison (bottom). Front garden. 26 May 2012

Cleavers. They cleave, i.e. cling and stick, to anything .
Beside a wall near the sports centre. 23 May 2012

Herb Robert. Back garden, 23 May. Some leaves red, some green.
The "Robert" might be derived from Latin "ruber", meaning red.

Unknown. Back garden. 23 May 2012

Unknown. The flowers are tiny, only 2mm in diameter.
You need a magnifying glass to see them right.
More numerous petals, otherwise a bit like Cornsalad.
On a disused old tarmac path near the sports centre. 23 May 2012

Herb Robert? Beside a tree on Donnington Road. 23 May 2012

Unknown. Front garden. 23 May 2012

Unknown. Feverfew? 23 May 2012
Update 7 June 2012. They have developed into daisy-like flowers.

Unknown. A bit like Sage? 23 May 2012

White flowers: Sweet Alison.
Yellow five-petalled flower: Unknown. 23 May 2012

Violets and unknown yellow flower

Unknown sort of daisies. Feverfew?

One of the types of Prunella? Similar to Selfheal but different leaves.
This is the original mystery weed from Willesden Herald 2003.
* From A. Sherlock: "I think the little yellow one with russet leaves, 26 May, is an oxalis, possibly creeping red woodsorrel. The unknown front garden of 23 May looks like a bit like a white valerian."

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Pat Sinatra said...

Your feverfew looks like Tansy.

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