Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wildflowers of Willesden meadow

The wild meadow area behind the Willesden sports centre, which was mowed at the end of last summer, started to grow back a few weeks ago. With the help of Wildflowers of Ireland (I know, this is not Ireland but it's a great book), I have tried to identify some of the wildflowers. Most of the pictures have more than one plant in them as the meadow is very luxuriant but you can assume that I'm referring to the ones with flowers. (O.G.)

Cowslip. There were many of these on the 1st of May, when this
was taken. The area where they stood is now overgrown.
The remaining pictures were taken this week between
21st & 23rd of May.

The solitary pink flower looks like a type Crane's-Bill.
The spotted trefoil with yellow flowers (bottom right) is Spotted Medick.

Unknown, 2 metres high
with white flowers like elder but not.

Water Dock

A reader suggests this could be Yarrow (see comments).

Unknown tiny pink flower, possibly one of the types of Crane's-Bill

Common Vetch

A better view of the Common Vetch's almost orchid-like flower

Red Clover

Black Medick (trefoil with yellow flowers)
Ribwort Plaintain (pointed sword-like leaves and tall drooping stalks)

Green Alkanet

White umbrels in front: Cow Parsley
Mottled red tall stems: Common Sorrel
Blue tinges in the background: Green Alkanet
White umbrels near the back: Cow Parsley

Another view of the beautiful Sorrel


View of the second of four main parts of the wild meadow area.
The third part is behind the camera.
The trees are Silver Birch.

View of third part of wild meadow area in the distance.
The fourth part is to the left. The grass is full of daisies.
It appears that further large areas are being allowed to grow.
There are many different types of trees, would need another page.
That's Capital City Academy in the background.

Poppies. This is an old picture from the same area, 18 August 2007.
That was before the meadow area was created (planted?).
I will try and identify the yellow flower behind them now.
Update: Is it Meadow Vetchling? Not sure.


percy blower said...

is the 'unknown' yarrow with its flower buds?

Ossian said...

Thanks. I have included your suggestion in the text above.