Tuesday, February 10, 2004

WMD issue is a trap for the opposition

John Kerry should not base his campaign against Bush on the lack of WMD in Iraq. It is too easy for Bush to pull a stunt before the election and claim to produce WMD from Iraq. The same applies to the opposition here in Britain, don't fall into this elephant trap.

Simon Moribund

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They have an opposition in Britain now?

Post by : Andrew (hlfx55-2a-219.ns.sympatico.ca / ariddles@hotmail.com )


Sorry - my flippant response didn't start the debate of the century.

Anyway as a coincidental comment. I just moved to Canada from Britain. The Canadian official oppostion is the Conservatives. They recently merged with a far right party from Western Canada and they are electing a new leader. Meanwhile the new PM, Paul Martin (a blairesque corrupt twat) has said that he will be holding an election in the next couple of months.

Get this: the Conservatives have told him that he can't hold an election now because it is (and I quote) "not fair because we are not ready."

Now I hate the tories and labour with equal passion in Britain, but one thing you can say is that they never backed away from a fight. Neil Kinnock was always saying the government should resign and have an election, even when Labour was at its lowest ebb, knowing he would lose if they did. Michael Howard, whose party is a divided shambles stands there like the knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, arms and legs cut off, still yelling, "Come on then! I can still take you down! It is a mere flesh wound!" In Canada the opposition is more likely to turn up on polling day with a note from their mum excusing them from the election.

Post by : Andrew (hlfx54-2b-159.ns.sympatico.ca / )


The Conservatives here were on course to get wiped out like their Canadian counterparts a few years ago, until they elected Howard. Now it looks like will make a comeback, electorally.

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