Sunday, February 29, 2004

Secrets and Lies

The Observer | Special reports | Army chiefs feared Iraq war illegal just days before start

Beware the snap election; these gadarene swine are going to make a run for it.*

Cassandra Gurumurthy

*If they don't hold the General Election before November, Blair will be exposed as a supporter of the crypto-fascist Republican Bush campaign, against the Labour party's natural Democratic party ally and all-round better candidate, John Kerry. Can you foresee photo opportunities with the PM alongside, while Bush struts and preens like Hitler in his Camp David Berghof? Ed.

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Ask the Doctor

This weeks postbag includes a very interesting letter from Mrs Berries. She asks what would happen if Mr Blair cut himself. She asks whether the glue that is widely used to seal cuts instaed of sutures would be used on him.

I fear not Mrs Berries. It simply wouldn't stick.

Post by : Dr Gerald Francis (ret'd) ( / )


Media Editor

Doctor Francis, for the nth time of asking would you please run the spellcheck before you submit your copy.

Post by : Amanda Saxonheart ( / )


he's ok, that's how you spell cuts - isn't it?

Post by : the laughing policeman ( / )


I believe it has an 'n' in it when referring to Mr. Bliar

Post by : andrew (null / )


you're right - nuts

Post by : dozy ( / )


yeah...sure... that's what I meant...

Post by : Andrew ( / )