Sunday, February 22, 2004

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Things don't move, they grow in timespace. Nothing ever moves, unless you call growing moving. Everyone and everything is connected like a flower to its roots in timespace. There is no such thing as the past only the present, and everything we think of as past is co-present, and still growing. This is the solution to Xeno's paradox, that it is actually impossible to move from A to B, but that one can grow from A to B. Thank you. (Please forward the Nobel prize notification to the Herald, for my attention.)

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Professor Kronk

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Dear Herr Kronk, this is exciting research even though it conflicts with my observation that we have elastic filaments attached to us which are quite invisible. To think that two such minds live and work in Willesden is eerie but gratifying.

See you in Stockholm.

Post by : Vorwaerts Zeitung ( / )


How fascinating. Your theory perfectly explains how people weakened by old age are drawn back to their places of origin to die. Of course. I must factor shrinkage into my equations now. Thank you! Thank you!

Post by : Kronk ( / )