Thursday, February 05, 2004

PM must resign, for Negligence or for Lying to Parliament

Forget the dossiers. This is a much more serious issue.

If Mr Blair really was sure that Saddam could not strike Cyprus, Europe or neighbouring countries with WMD when he launched the invasion, then he lied to Parliament yesterday by saying that he didn't know. The rule is if you lie to Parliament, you resign. If he really didn't know, and didn't even bother to ask, then he must resign on the grounds of incompetence or, more appropriately, Criminal Negligence.

There is a third possibility, that he really believed Saddam could strike British bases in Cyprus or other long range targets with WMD. Along with this is the possibility that he believed the invasion force could be hit with WMD. In a way, this is the worst of all possibilities. It shows reckless endangerment of troops who didn't even have the right equipment to defend themselves, for one thing.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive.

Greg Dyke should take his case to an Industrial Tribunal, receive compensation and be re-instated. The real culprits in this affair should be put on trial.



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I have just had the pleasure of smashing up my radio as I listened to Margaret Beckett in an interview on Five Live claim that people aren't interested in this 45 minute claim and that to go on about it is akin to asking how many angels can dance on a pinhead.

Shameless bastards they are, until they resign. It's only Cookie who has the guts to blurt out that the Stormtrooper is naked and has been naked for some time.

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I heard that. She lost it, at one point and started calling the interviewer stupid. Their victory over the BBC was pyrrhic.

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She gave a similarly embarrassing performance on last week's Question Time. The audience laughed at her wriggling and writhing and attempts at mis-direction.

New Labour now seemed to be held in a similar contempt by which the last Tory govt was brought down and the performance of Labour ministers on QT is now the same as Tories then...spinning and evading the question or blithering on about other matters until they can think up an answer that won't get them paged immediately by Blair's enforcers.

They would do far better to put their hands up and admit that they have got into the habit of evasion and sophistry and admit they were always going to stomp Saddam but simply used the wrong pretext. Cheney's fear of future collapse of order in saudi arabia and a loss thereby of access to Saudi oil prompted them to hit on the brilliant idea of sequestrating the next biggest reserves, right next door, in a (hitherto) largely secular country with an absolutely emasculated military. Still illegal but marginally less insulting to our intelligence than the charade they finally settled on for public consumption. Still, in the end, a fuck up though. I doubt they'll learn much for the future.

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It was not long after they took office that they turned into "defenders of the status quo." It was like that prisoners and warders experiment. You give people their roles and they start behaving accordingly. People should have known when they heard that Blair had been measuring no. 10 for curtains, that things were not going to only get better.

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Foxing the dossier

I second the motion. And I think we should replace "sexing" with foxing. For Blair has been nothing if not an apt pupil of Machiavelli by "employing the fox" (lying when 'necessary'). Release the hounds!

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Well chaps you had a good run

Hello my children. You had a good run and made some nice buildings and artwork. Im afraid you have run amok a bit and caused the ice caps to melt tho. This means that things will chill a bit. Perhaps we should give the deer a chance to evolve - Bambi was so well recieved in the '30's. And I guess the deer will stay veggie and not bugger up the bovine lot. So anyway, well done with the beatles shit and also shakespeare, it was well received up here in the pleiadians. Wrap up warm for the next 2 centuries and remember to build a big pyramid so the deerlings can remember you. Tata 4 now, G.Od.

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Praise be!!

Gladys Abanjo (Mrs)
Trinity Road Methodists

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Oh dear Lord, send the mothership for us miserable sinners. We'll do anything. Polishing the ark of the covenant, washing-up (though I hate drying up so if you could give that to the Pentecostalists it would be helpful).

Were the Catholics anywhere close by the way?

Pastor Luigi Pomodoro
Church of the Temple of the Divine Body
Selah Division,
Childs Hill
London NW3

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Smite us Lord. Make us feel your wrath. Roast me on the Rod of God.

Justin Farqhuar
Gay Masochists for Jesus
(Last Sunday of the month. Join us. Bend your knee to the Lord that he may fill you with the guidance of his Staff.)

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I think FORGING the dossier is the way to brand it. 'Sexing' up sounds, well, sexy. And so does 'foxing'. (And 'sexing the fox' sounds illegal). Seriously, in the 1992 - 1997 Major administration the word that was always used was 'sleaze'. It was on everyone's lips, in the papers, in parliament. If only they had used the real word - corruption. Let's use the word forgery for the dossier. And plagarism for the later dossier that was downloaded form the internet. Does anyone here know a university where a student or member or staff caught doing what the govt did would not be immediately ejected?

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Will you support Democrat Kerry against Bush in november?
Who will lead Labour to defeat in next election?
Isn't your entryist Tories position collapsing under the weight of its own absurdity. Might just as well have a real Tory government. No?

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