Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Obama elected (BBC)

Yes, we can. (Will-i-am, Scarlett Johansson, Herbie Hancock et al)

Maybe at last we can hear the end of the BBC's interminable yammering about Race, and wishful concoction of winning strategies for Dixieland. The locations covered by the BBC results program seemed to be mostly where Republicans where hoping to gain unexpected wins. It seems it was all in the minds of some gobdaws employed in BBC news.

Plus we had that twit John Bolton with his preposterous hair and moustache, looking and sounding as convincing as a menswear dummy. He said the BBC should sack Rajesh Mirchandani, for the "disgrace" of asking a Republican an awkward question. John Bolton is a walking illustration of the arrogance and wrong-headedness of the neo-con losers, and an excellent unwitting hindrance to any return by them.

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Navin said...

They also haven't mentioned that this is a generational shift. He's the first non-baby boomer president. Several eras have ended today.