Thursday, February 28, 2008

A message from Comic Relief

"On behalf of everyone at Sport Relief we wanted to say an enormous thank you to Willesden Short Story Prize for sending us the £5,000 donation to Sport Relief 2008. ... £15 could buy a set of books for 3 street children in Bangladesh for a year. With an education these young people will be better equipped to get a job when they are older and thus escape from the cycle of poverty they would otherwise be trapped in. ... It just goes to show, the money you donated really will change lives and we couldn't do it without your support so keep up the good work." (Helen Kulbicki, National Fundraising). Click here read the letter in full (pdf).

Thank you to all involved for their help. I think we can all be justifiably proud to have been part of something unusual and worthwhile.

Steve Moran


Emerging Writer said...

Congrats on showing some good has come of this. Puts it into perspective somewhat.
And thanks for the post below on what not to do. (Or what to try and not do) I know there's a lot of things to remember but I suppose it's like learning to drive. You think when you start that you will never be able to steer, change gear, check the mirrors and indicate at the same time but, with practise, most people can (My mum can't)
And thanks for giving me a literary link too!

Ossian said...

Ta. I find your blog very useful and very pleasant altogether, there are some great picture on there. Pictures, I mean. ;

Afzal said...

Very good to hear the money went to a good cause, linked to a writing competition by investment in the development of education and literacy abroad.

And also I cannot understand all the fuss about a 5000 pound writing competition not having a winner, when you consider there was NO entrance fee, entry exclusion or word limit! It's hardly a con trick, money grubbing exercise, is it?!