Monday, May 21, 2007

Local kid hits the big time

Show Me the Sky

The coruscating prose and inspired storytelling of Nicholas Hogg has been recognised by Canongate publishers, announcing "Show Me the Sky to be published in 2008.

His short story "Paradise" is included in "Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 1" (see Amazon links on the left. At about 13,000 words it is an example of what is sometimes called the "long story" genre.

My father was born at the height of clouds. He entered the world wailing, lungs pumping the mountain air and desperate for oxygen. He lived because he had the breath of a Kalenjin, as had his father and his grandfather before, a long line of proud and noble descendants from the ancient tribe of highlanders from the hills of the Great Rift Valley.

He grew up at an altitude where visiting relatives from the lowlands fainted and had to sit and take a rest from the sky. A village where the rhythm of life was set by the stars and the moon, the sun and the rain, a village where horseless cowboys herded the cattle, and my father and his brothers ran down the strays barefoot.
(From "Paradise" by Nicholas Hogg, in New Short Stories 1)


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