Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chamberlayne Road hit by tornado

Pictures and report (SkyNews)

WH photo (c) Sphagnum

Just round the corner from Willesden Herald house, some houses have been partly destroyed, at least ten roofs visibly damaged*, rubble piled in the street, cars damaged. Several people have been treated for minor injuries. According to an eye-witness (on the BBC lunchtime news) it was about 25 metres wide and dark with whirling debris.

There was also a loud thunderstorm this morning accompanied by a heavy shower of hailstones. All about 11 a.m.

* Update

SkyNews is now reporting a hundred houses damaged. BBC says "up to 150". Here is the BBC report with a link to a video. There have been helicopters overhead all afternoon.

SkyNews watching by Nick Grimes, BBC watching by Feargal Mooney, pictures and videos monitored by Onion Mbeke. Syndication: Sphagnum WH Consortium (contact P. O'Toole)

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