Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pretend Genius Press podcast

Listen to episode 1

"My Valentine's" by J. Tyler Blue and "Dig big baggy grotto mob mottoes" by Blem Vide, with dramatised links by J. Tyler Blue and Josh Davis.

Warning: Not for those of tender years or delicate disposition. Contains a source of swearing. May contain traces of noise. Always read the label.

Noël Knowall


Anonymous said...

dear, dear, willesden people, i am so desperate,I dont belong there and I dont belong anywhere.

I will pull myself together and face, face reality or irreality or anything absolutely if you people will only lie to me, saying you lovem, you need me, ...I am from another continent, another generation,

Gladys Abanjo (Mrs) said...

fugging excellent, as the youth say

Gladys Abanjo (Mrs)
Trinity Road Baptists.