Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sonnet for Dandy

Why should Dandy's obituary not be written
in as serious a manner as for Lord or Lady?
On Staverton Road each noontime he was sittin'
on the grass in front where it was nice and shady.

In the evenings he took his master walking,
a genial man who shouted greetings freely
across the street when he and I were talking,
but Dandy wasn't trusting strangers really.

Black and white and stocky, Dandy had a dour way.
I always said, "He'll bark at mine in a minute!"
And after he'd bark me and my dog on our way,
But truly, I don't think Dandy's heart was in it.

Tonight, I saw his master with a sleek new guide.
When I asked he said, tearfully, "Dandy? He died."

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


Give us a break

Your heart may be in the right place, Feargal, but I'm afraid when it comes to poetry you don't know your verse from your elbow.

Post by : Noel Knowall ( / )


Where do you get off?

I'm tired of people like you and your poetical correctness.

Post by : Feargal ( / )


Dear oh Law

Can we keep this line free for news, is that too much to ask?

Post by : Ed. ( / )



It so happens that this is a true story, and therefore it is news. I met the gentleman in question out walking with a new rescue pup, and tactlessly asked what had happened to Dandy.

Post by : Feargal - Senior Reporter ( / )


Ossian said...

Feargal, you have been caught plagiarising Ogden Ganache. I am very disappointed in you.