Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kronk's conjecture

That every physical entity is omni-dimensional.

We can imagine a one-dimensional object such as a line, or two-dimensional like a polygon but they cannot exist in our world as physical entities. We may represent them with fine drawing equipment but on microscopic examination the lines have height and width as well as length. Taking time as the fourth dimension, we can say that no physical object can exist which lacks one of the four dimensions. Without time there is no period in which to exist, without width there can be no length, without length there can be no height etc.

Therefore our experience suggests that nothing can exist without being present in all known dimensions. But something that is very large in one dimension may be very small in another. To explain "spooky action at a distance" then we can guess that the communication is via an extra dimension in which the distance is short.

A problem: to cut any object across one dimension—along the length, across the width etc.—as far as we can see results in two separate entities. But maybe our scissors are unable to cut through an extra dimension (time, for example) and the two apparently separate entities actually remain conjoined on the extra dimension.

Was this what I was thinking about when the guanabana fell? Ed?

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Ed said...

No, that was your law of the conservation of beauty. You had the proof complete in your mind when the guanabana fell and knocked you unconscious.