Saturday, January 28, 2006

Greatest hits

Most of the visitors to this site come from Google images and other image search sites. The most popular items are those with the pictures named exactly after what the searchers are looking for. For example:

Swimmer in the sea (no. 1 and 2 simultaneously, like The Beatles)

Beanstalk (5th in the world)

Consideration (also 5th)

They are watching (9th)

Bill and Andrew (9th)

Placards (18th)

There are many more. Until recently, we used to be in the top list for Batmobile but somebody must have corrected that, maybe after complaints from irate users. Pictures that are not displayed, only linked, seem to score far higher. That will be because Google thinks users have found what they were looking for when they go off to follow the link. Hah, gotcha. That's probably why Batmobile has slipped down the charts, since it was displayed recently after only being a link for a long time. [What are you on about, Simon?Ed]

Apart from images we get a lot of people looking for massage parlours in Willesden, Cricklewood, and as far a(non)field as Colindale. There used to be a lot of searchers for Munchkins Syndrome by Proxy, which is something a lot of people have heard about, but again some officious person must have submitted a correction.

I have been asked to remind visitors that all the images are copyright, and to contact Mr O'Neill in Marketing for our pricelist.

Simon Moribund

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