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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hey, hey we're ...

The culprits behind the publication of The Monkey's Typewriter*. "Written to celebrate ten years of Willesden Green Writers' Workshops, it contains eighteen stories and poems that are in turn funny, disturbing, captivating and downright strange." No names, no pack drill.

*Available in all Brent libraries and some local bookshops. ISBN 0-9530195-5-1


monkey typist said...

I'm the monkey that typed up the anthology and I am chained 24/7 to an Imperial 700. If sales do not meet expect forecasts the culprits will keep me chained in perpetuity. For monkey typists everywhere please buy the book, make Monkey Typists History.

monkey typist said...

...see monkey too tired to spell correctly...bananas will be withheld