Friday, April 09, 2004

We apologise for this abnormality

Meanwhile here is a testcard, a selection of pictures by our invaluable photographers, Ossian Lennon and Onion Mbeke.

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Comments 2003-2004 said...


And the sky...

And the sky shall be full of suns at dusk

and there will be right-angles to them

and even the hedge will have one

and it will be Friday and it will be good

and it will be a sign for the sinners

that those He doesn't slaughter He loves.

Book of Fulloojia (Apocrypha)

Praise be!!

Post by : Gladys Abanjo ( / )


It is a sign indeed. The central cloud is the land mass of the Levant and the
Fertile Crescent. The lighter blue to the left is the coast of North Africa,
Israel, Lebanon and up to Turkey and round to Greece. Signs and wonders in the
skies of Willesden. But for who of us is the message intended? Is the rapture
upon us?

Post by : Tony Blurt ( / )


Lovely photograph.

Mr Blurt, get help!!!

Post by : Rainbow Spike ( / )


Mrs Abanjo, I think you'll be even more impressed by
this one.

Post by : Onion (
/ )


I don't know if you're all getting the slideshow put on by our redoubtable
Simon Moribund. He says you probably need broadband and scripts enabled to
appreciate it.

Post by : Ed ( /


I have seen the Glory of The Lord

preceded by the Cross of His Majesty

borne on the Horse of the Host

through the Heavenly Clouds

and I fell to my knees

and I praised Him Who Is The Most High

for it is a sign.

Praise Be!!!

Book of The Host Impaled (Apocrypha)

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Rejoice!! Rejoice!!

For tomorrow He is risen!!

Praise Be!!

Gladys Abanjo (Mrs)

Post by : Gladys Abanjo ( / )


Slide show is brilliant, many thanks !

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