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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boat People

Boat people are refugees from fascist wars.
Remember when Jews sailed the other way.
Wouldn't we do the same? We'd leave our homes,
Dusty villages of the elderly and doomed.

They are young, with lives ahead of them,
And so take their chances on a rusty hulk.
Terrified at last to be locked below deck,
Wouldn't have wanted so many to push on board.

The Mediterranean is calm, so they say, but
With bodies crushed together, no provisions
And no facilities, death is never far away.
All long for Lampedusa, tolerance, a new life.

It is night now and a patrol is sighted,
A hubbub arises and the old tub lists.
Before you can think about home, old or new,
The sea is upon us all, locked below deck.

In villages and towns, the old are bereft,
Some wives too and youngsters. Will they ever
Hear, or will they be left to surmise,
When no call from Europe ever comes?