Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You will need a permit from the government to exist

Nobody who doesn't want to be tagged like livestock, nobody who doesn't want to be beholding to whatever government is elected for permission to exist, nobody who considers himself or herself born free in a land that's their own, nobody at all should vote for Labour. They have promised to take steps within a month after the election to introduce an Identity card law. You would be charged about £40 for a permit to exist, without which you would be excluded from all rights - such as are not yet abolished - and without which you would lose your birthright as a native of your own land. Once you are corralled into acquiring an identity card you will be effectively stamped on the wrist, and under the complete control of whatever lying cadre of sheisters have managed to manipulate public ignorance to achieve power. And don't be so naive as to imagine they will not abuse their power, it won't be very long after they tag you that they move to reduce your freedom still more, till you are at the mercy of the bureaucracy in what will be nothing but an open prison, or rather a farm.

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