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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Resurrection of the Lord God bird

"Extinct" woodpecker sighted

"A large, dramatic-looking bird, the ivory-billed woodpecker was known to be shy and to prefer the deep woods of the U.S. Southeast. It was sometimes nicknamed the 'Lord God bird,' [John] Fitzpatrick [of the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology in New York] said. 'It is such a striking bird. When people would see it they would say, 'Lord God what a woodpecker.' That's where it came from,' he said." (Reuters)

What else is there to say, only hallelujah.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw this on a programme tonight. I was amazed. So I said hallelujah. Now that the once clear cut trees are regenerating, it's thought that the ivory bill may come back too. What an inspiration for all of us - for the beleagured and dispossessed. For the marginalized critters of society (that rare eco-environment!).