Monday, April 25, 2005

Hold your hat and vote for the Liberals


Don't vote for warmongers. Don't vote for liars. Don't sleepwalk into another five years of the Reverend Phony. He's sorted out his four million pound retirement pad, send him to it now. The totality of his behaviour over the invasion of Iraq constitutes one big lie, from pretending that it was not a decision made between him and George W Bush, through pretending that the United Nations had any say in it, through issuing half-plagiarised, half-falsified, fraudulent documents, through deploying the Black Watch the week before the US Presidential Election, through to the present day when he denies the whole tangled web. A lie is a lie is a lie, and he can delude himself till his last breath, but he can't change the facts. Thousands of people died as a result of a series of lies and deceptions.

His defence over Iraq can be characterised as, 'I killed innocent people but Saddam must've killed more.' Can he not see at all, is he without all percipience, is he a dunce or a dolt or both or does he care only for his own aggrandisement and self-satisfaction? How pathetic to hear him cry 'What if I'd not invaded Iraq and Iraq had attacked us?' It's like a paranoid serial killer's justification. 'I had to kill them because they were out to get us. That was my judgement. Even though I now know they weren't.'

For the top-up fees betrayal alone, let alone illegal wars, let alone crippling Council Tax and bureaucracy, New Labour should be ejected. If the US electorate rejected George Bush senior because he said, "Read my lips, no new taxes" and then introduced taxes, how can the British electorate do less than reject the arrant phony who promised (quote) "We will not introduce 'top-up' fees, and have legislated to prevent them" and then went on to force through the introduction of top-up fees for universities, against a principled revolt that reduced his majority to just five. What on earth is a lie, if that is not a lie uncovered? Has language lost all its meaning? Hellooo! 'If it quacks it's a tax.'

Give him the royal order of the boot. And don't fail. If the Labour majority cannot be completely overturned, at least let it be so hugely reduced that we don't have to put up with the insufferable phony's condescension and abuses for another five years.

Over recent days he has called for the election to be a referendum on his judgement and not on his integrity. 'It's a judgement and let the people judge me on it' ... 'I made a decision' ... And I managed the cabinet on the mushroom principle ... 'But let's stop all this nonsense about my integrity'.

On his judgement he has no chance, no chance at all, but he doesn't wish to stand on his integrity either, and tries to suppress questions on it. The sheister is adept at changing the subject, but his problem is he has no good alternative subject - both his integrity and his judgement are lousy. He is desperate to slide back into office for another five years - and he wants every last day of those five years, you can bet your squeaking pips on that. Blair is guilty of both bad judgement and lack of integrity. Don't be fooled by the false dichotomy he proposes.

The Liberals should be a good party, in theory, but they do not make it easy to support them. Their spokespeople seem to think that liberalism is a wishy-washy middle of the road affair. On top of that we have Droopy Charlie at the helm, but at least he had the cop-on to oppose the bloody war, which the other two dumbasses we know couldn't begin to apprehend. The Liberals policy to replace the Council Tax with a local element in Income Tax, is a really great idea. (I declare an interest as someone who has very little income but lives in a building - not many of us, eh?) Some people over at the Grauniad are saying 'Hold your nose and vote Labour' but surely the cry should be 'Hold your nose hat and vote Liberal'.

Now, I turn to more unserious matters. The Willy sent Sarah Teather an exclusive $150 Willesden Herald "mug for munchkins", and all we asked was that she should drink from it every time she appeared on TV - not much to ask, you might think, but no. However, the Herald is big small enough to overlook that fact in the interests of Brent East.