Friday, April 01, 2005

Brilliant renaming plan for today's Britain News - Top Stories

The German commissioner, Arlo Pilof, the architect of the 2006 Race and Gender Equality Imposition Code (conformity), an amendment to existing rules, said: 'We believe many names do not conform, and we started with Scotland because it is the worst of the culprits with offensive names such as Skinflats, near Grangemouth.'


Mr Pilof revealed that England would be next on the agenda, citing the Isle of Man as particularly worthy of change.

A Manx spokesman said yesterday: "I hope this is a long way off. We are two-time losers, what with the island's name and Douglas as the capital. It's ridiculous, isn't it?

"It's as if these people sat there all day and made up this stuff."

From our point-of-view this sounds like a canny idea, and lang overdue, and we don't give two hoots as lang as they dinna change Willesden to Jillesden.*

*Scots dialect for the benefit of any Scotsman / Scotsperson readers who may be within range of the internet and surf in, as we computerised people say here.

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