Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday evening

View from the railway bridge (Chiltern Line, Sudbury Hill Harrow)

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Lineup for New Short Stories 11 revealed


Introduction by Gina Challen – vii

JL Bogenschneider – Miss Maughan11
Ursula Brunetti – Satellites – 31
Carol Dines – Forgiveness – 47
Derek Dirckx – Dark in Here – 71
Sarah Evans – Only Human – 91
Jeff Ewing – Fireball Outfit – 111
David Frankel – Meadowlands – 125
Ray French – Voyager – 141
N. Jane Kalu – To Have a Ghost Baby – 159
Marylee MacDonald – Caboose – 167
Jaki McCarrick – The Emperor of Russia – 193
Gerard McKeown – Rabbit Season – 211
Jay Merill – Vole or Mole – 223
Diana Powell – The Watcher – 231
John Saul – The garden designer – 241

Notes on Contributors – 257


Thanks to everyone who submitted. It was a privilege and a pleasure to read 292 short stories from around the world. As well as Europe and North America, there were a few from Asia and Africa. One from Nigeria is in the book and another would have been only it was snapped-up elsewhere. Each was a good try and many are sure to find publication before too long. The standard was at least as high as ever, and it was with regret that we had to pass on some due to sheer volume of impressive works received.

The book is being put together now. One of the next tasks is the cover design, which will be in the hands of Stratos, who has designed all the covers to date. Watch this space for news on the progress of the production and publication. (Ed.)