Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Closing event in the Westwords festival

Monkey business in Willesden Green

The launch of the Willesden writers workshop anthology, The Monkey's Typewriter* was great fun. As well as rip-roaring tales, gems of poems, and masterful and hilarious compering by Nii Parkes, there was food and some particularly excellent bottles of wine. (I wish I'd noted the labels.) Nii Parkes also read his brilliant short story "The Smell of Petrol" (excerpt here) which keenly evoked a sense of life in Ghana with a mixture of wabi-sabi and keeping up appearances, of pride and tragicomedy.

*Soon to be available in Brent libraries and local bookshops. "Gerry Boysey's Human Circus", a wacky bit of nonsense by yours truly, is the last piece in the book.


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