Sunday, April 24, 2005

The bootleg tapes

Our undercover reporter secretly recorded this message by the candidate for Bethnal Green, George Galloway, at the demo against the visit of George W. Bush to the Quisling regime in London on November 20th, 2003.

If you haven't been deafened by that one, here are some recordings from the anti-war demo in London on March 22nd, 2003. The invasion of Iraq had commenced, and we had been seeing the night bombing of Baghdad on TV.

The first is a bit of blood-curdling oratory by a spokesman from MAB.

Here are a couple of snippets in one file from Tariq Ali calling for the dismantling of the US empire and pleading that the UN not become a cleaning company to pick up the pieces after US attacks.

This is Monsignor Bruce Kent, former leader of CND, proposing to bring Blair and Straw before the ICC. He also describes the TV coverage of the bombing of Baghdad as a form of pornography.

These recordings are just random snippets, due to technical problems with the Herald's vast network of camera deployed.

Onion Mbeke thinks that the above picture from Hyde Park on May 22nd, 2003 may be the best ever by our former photographer Ossian Lennon. (He said Lemon, but we know who he means.)

Ed's favourite is still this one from the great anti-war demo in London on February 15th, 2003.

double exposure

The masters of impunity and self-aggrandisement and, in a poor hospital in Iraq, a father tending to his son wounded by their schemes.

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Ossian said...

I believe the man in the picture is holding a drip bag, so it would seem they haven't a stand available. I hope he will forgive the Herald for using the picture like this, and I hope his boy recovered and is okay.